• Space

    The Universe is a very mysterious and vast world. Today, we are going to discover its secrets.

    Dark Matter and Gravity


    Dark Matter is an energy that is all over the Universe. The Gravity and the Dark Matter are what from the Universe. If they didn't exist, us, the solar system, galaxies and the entire Universe would not exist. The Gravity, as we know it, is what holds us on the ground, but also what forms worlds like Earth and Mars.


    Others Planets in the Solar System


    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all part with the Earth of the Solar System. Mercury is just a little planet where its to hot to live in day and to cold at night. Venus is the only planet who looks like Earth, in a way. Its the same size and the same weight, but it just doesn't have the same aspect and atmosphere : its a volcanic  planet. Mars is a dead planet who used to  have water on it so scientists suppose that Mars used to have life on it. Jupiter is a planet made out of gas whose abridge temperature is -143°C. Saturn is a gas planet just like Jupiter but it has rings around it. Its rings are formed by little asteroids and ice. Uranus has also rings and is colder than Jupiter and its core is made of rock and possibly ice. And, finally Neptune, the last of the four gas planets. Under its crust, its made of water and ice.




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